Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dallas Fundraising Alert: Links of Love, September 9th At Firewheel Golf Park

Do you like to golf? Do you live near the Firewheel Golf Park in nearby Garland, Texas? Then grab your putter and pitching wedge, hope in your cart, and drive come out for a day full of fun to help support Children's Craniofacial Association. Monies donated will be used for help our families attend our Annual Retreat. For more information about the event click on over to this page. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Beauty, Art, and Math!

The writing in this post from the United Kingdom's Changing Faces was too good to save for Craniofacial Awareness Month. In this post, Ariel Henley from the United States, talks about art, beauty, and Crouzon Syndrome. We hope this story gives new parents hope, and young adults an excellent perspective on something with which we all struggle.

Happy Reading, and thank you Changing Faces.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Retreat Photography 2016

Children's Craniofacial Association wants to express our joy and appreciation to Traci Burke of Traci Burke Photography. Traci specializes in creating stunning wedding photography and cinematography with her husband, Justin. Her work showcases the natural beauty and also high glamour of sunny, South Florida weddings and beyond. As a volunteer, she photographed our CCA Friday Pool Party and Yoga Session at the #CCARetreat2016 this year. 

About Traci Seitz (Burke)
Traci has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in photography. She grew up in a small town in North Dakota and moved to Florida after college with her husband, Justin. Together, they own and operate Traci Burke Photography, a wedding photography and cinematography company. When Erica was looking for a photographer to ask to volunteer, the first person she contacted was Traci. Erica loves the way Traci captures joy and her ability to create natural-light photos that highlight the unique beauty of her subjects. When Traci agreed to photograph Retreat, everyone at CCA was thrilled and we are so happy with the results! 

Here's what Traci had to say about her experience photographing Retreat:

When Erica contacted me to photograph the Retreat, I said yes immediately! Each year, we donate our services to a great cause and was really excited to participate in such a wonderful and special event!  When I arrived, I was a little nervous, but everyone welcomed me with such open arms! I really enjoyed capturing each family and loved watching all the children having so much fun in the sun! Thanks again to Erica and everyone at the retreat for sharing the day with me!

You'll be seeing the photos she took in many of our social media and blog posts and 
here are a few to enjoy today, as well. 

Thank you, Traci, for volunteering to capture the memories of the "Time of our Lives" for everyone to share. 
You captured some very special and beautiful memories for CCA and our families and we are grateful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCA Launches ASL Webinars to Help You Learn to Sign

CCA American Sign Language Webinars

You can learn conversational sign language with your CCA friends now through CCA’s new ASL webinars. These live, weekly webinars will feature a short lesson (to supplement your personal practice and study), the introduction of new ideas, words, or phrases, and a chance to be one of the webcams attendees who practices along on video chat! The webinars will also be recorded and made available at a later date.

CCA Mom and Son duo, Rose and Frederick Seitz
Rose and Frederick live in Northeast Ohio and have been signing since Frederick was a baby.  Frederick, 24,  attends University of Akron and will graduate in May with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

Read more about Rose’s Journey to ASL in this great blog post from 2015:

Starting September 13 at 7:00pm CT
Meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings, 7pm – 7:45pm CT
No class on Nov. 22 and the last class for 2016 will be Dec. 13.

Virtually via GoToMeeting – make sure you download and test this product on your computer or mobile device before the first webinar.

ASL Webinar Series
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: 

  • Sign up online here.
  • Up to 26 attendees can participate in the live webinar, with the ability for up to 4 attendees to share their webcam and practice along on video.
  • Sign on information will be emailed to the group and it will be your responsibility to sign on early to get into the live session. 
  • For those who cannot attend live, the sessions will be recorded and made available in the future for free download/online use.

  • Set a calendar reminder for the weekly meeting.
  • The login info won't change, so bookmark the page.
  • Sign on early!
  • Do your homework!
Rocket Languages is an award-winning interactive online language learning system. The multi-faceted, comprehensive system allows patrons to learn conversational language at their own pace. The library-user-free program allows patrons to fully utilize Rocket Language's easy to access online lessons right from your own home! Users can continue to access their program until they determine they have completed the course, you will need to login into your library website with your library card and account information. Check with your local library to ask them for more detailed instructions.
  • While you’re at the library…
Make friends with your Librarian and ask them if they want to help host a Wonder premiere in your area!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CL&P Medical Research Survey

The Family Experiences Survey for Florida Families of Children with Orofacial Clefts 

The Florida Birth Defects Surveillance Program is pleased to announce that we have developed a survey to help families collectively share their experiences in accessing important resources, services, and supports for children birth to 18-years-old born with cleft lip and/or palate. The results of this survey will be used to develop recommendations for improving systems of care here in Florida. We would be very grateful if you could help us reach as many participants as possible.

Please distribute this survey to any parent with a child under the age of 18 who are born with orofacial clefts in Florida. This anonymous survey should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete, and will be distributed throughout the state. Only one survey per family should be completed.
The survey is available online for Florida residents at
A Spanish version of the survey is currently under development.


For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Marshall, PhD, CPH                    Russell S. Kirby, PhD, MS, FACE
Research Assistant Professor                  Distinguished Professor and Marrell Endowed Chair
813-396-2672                                            813-396-2347
email:            email: