Friday, December 15, 2017

Irving Elementary School Chooses Kind

A huge thanks to CCA Mom, Alicia Boddy, who rallied her school with the support of her daughter, Jameson, to host an amazing Wonder screening and fundraiser for CCA. You will love these photos! 

Alicia says,

On Sunday, November 19, Washington Irving Elementary school in Oak Park, IL rented out our local theater for a private screening of Wonder

Over 350 students, parents, teachers, staff, and friends all came together to experience the joy and tears of our favorite new movie! 

We will also be making a donation to CCA on behalf of Irving school. We are still working out the final numbers for that but stay tuned. We are all so excited to support CCA! 

...and we are excited and so grateful for your support! Thank you Irving Elementary and the Boddy Family!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Family Spotlight: The Andersons

The Anderson family has been very busy since the Reston retreat this summer.  After getting home from the retreat, we took a second trip to visit family in Minnesota, and returned mid-July, to have Nathan’s second stage of his BAHA surgery.   Both of his Oticon processors were activated in late August, so he was able to start second grade with newly-integrated processors.  This was very exciting for him, as he no longer needs to wear the headband.  He is so proud of his new processors, and loves to change out the stickers on the sides of them to match his mood or the occasion.  

Owen attended Nathan’s surgery for the first time this year, and got to experience what it is like to be at the hospital.  He was an amazing support to Nathan both pre-op and afterwards, and like always, proved himself to be a true super-sibling, willing to do whatever is needed to keep Nathan comfortable during the day.

At the same time as all of the surgery, we decided this year that we would like to hold a second fundraiser for CCA. We set a goal of raising $5,000 on September 30th to end Craniofacial Acceptance Month with a bang.  Owen and Nathan decided that bowling would be a fun way to raise some funds, while providing something family-friendly, where the kids could be involved.  We spent the entire summer going to stores and local businesses, emailing companies, and reaching out to contacts to secure some amazing baskets to give out to raffle winners for the event.  Team Lentil also came into town to speak to two different schools and encourage the Choose Kind message to hundreds of children at these schools and at the event itself.  We are so proud to announce that between the bowling fundraiser and the online fundraiser, we were able to earn $9,000 to help CCA promote their message of kindness and self-advocacy for our children and adults in this association.  

As parents, Dave and I are so proud of both of our boys for so many different reasons. We hope that through these efforts, we are raising them to speak up for themselves and others, feel confident in who they are, and feel a need to help others who may need it.  We are so thankful to CCA for the bonds and the connections we have formed with other families and kids, and we want to share that message and feelings to those who have not yet experienced it.  Nathan and Owen spend their year talking about how excited they are to see their friends next year at the next retreat.  We hope that through our fundraising, someone else who hasn’t been able to, can feel that as well.  Here’s to an awesome end to 2017, and we can’t wait to see everyone in Salt Lake City!

#ThankfulThursday: Donate Your Car, Boat,Truck or RV

Donate your car, truck, boat, or RV to CCA today. You can include this donation on your 2017 tax return. If it's on wheels and you no longer want it, send it to us. Learn more at 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#WonderWednesday: New York Elementary School Creates Wall of Wonder

The fourth graders at the Nassakeag Elementary School created a wall of "Wonder" featuring their guidance on how to #ChooseKind. The teachers and students took the opportunity to write their own precepts to make a powerful display at their school after reading the book thanks to excellent curriculum development by their teacher, Miss Donato. It is so heartening to see the impact that the book has on children. One school classroom at a time, the book positively impacts the hope for kindness in the present and future. Thank you Nassakeag Elementary. Keep up the great work.

To read more about this story, go to the Three Village Patch.

New Surgery Care Package Sign Up Form!

New link, new look for our surgery sign up. We are now using Google forms to capture your information for surgery care packages. If you signed up, send us another request through this new link, and we will send your son, daughter, or loved one a care package when they have surgery. 

Thank you so much for bearing with us through this transition. 

In the care package, your loved one will receive for a "Get Well" card, a care package, or a call of support for you, your partner, or your child! We will work to match your needs with our resources, to help you get through the experience feeling loved and supported.