Monday, June 26, 2017

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WeHealth, Raising Awareness About Rare Diseases

By Kara Jackman

WeHealth hopes to utilize the power of social media and personal connections to raise awareness, advocacy opportunities, and research with those who need it most: people living with rare diseases. 

How it works 
Social media is vital in the world of marketing today. The same tools, tips, and tricks can be used to help raise awareness about health conditions that are helping to sell products and influence people. WeHealth's technologically advance staff and developers help connect people with rare diseases wth medical professionals, other people who endure the same disease, and to high-quality medical information. WeHealth hopes to change the way the world views rare disease. They want to build a world of connections that only became possible thanks to today's social media sphere.  Awareness will improve the treatment of those affected by rare diseases, eventually leading to a cure. 

What You Receive In Return 
Through the advocacy and connections you create with WeHealth, you will earn a variety of cool incentives. Each campaign will have its own impressive set of prizes in return for your hard work online.

Current Campaign
The newest campaign focuses on Lipodystrophy, "degenerative conditions of the body's adipose tissue." Most people do not know they have this disease until later in their life. Signs and symptoms to look for are high cholesterol, no fat in the arms, legs, buttocks, and hips, pre-diabetic symptoms or diabetes, among others. 

How Can You Help
Follow WeHealth on Twitter and go to  the WeHealth website to join the existing campaign or find ways you can start beginning your own for a rare disease that touches your life. You can make an impact from the comfort of your home by finding a group of influencers that could improve the lives of thousands of people around the world. Sound like something you would like to be involved with, then check out the site and start leveraging social media for good. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Modesto, CA Alexa's Craniofacial Awareness Charity & Dance July 22nd at 5:30PM

If you live in, or near, Modesto, CA, save the date for Alexa's Craniofacial Awareness Charity Dinner. The event will take place on July 22nd at 5:30PM. There will be a silent auctions and new sponsors are being announced daily. Head over to the event website to learn more. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Take Surveys, Raise Funds For CCA

Want to volunteer, but are busy with work, the commute, and the kids? No problem! There is a way for you to volunteer from anywhere at any time. Give back to CCA on your schedule by taking part in a  Opinions for Good survey. 

CCA has partnered with Opinions for Good, which delivers surveys to your computer to complete. Compensation for your time can be donated, in part or completely, to CCA.  Join other members from around the United States and be part of the "world's most innovative army of volunteers." All your help will benefit CCA in immeasurable ways. Every little bit counts. Participation is crucial for effective fundraising. 

#WonderWednesday: 'Wonder' Movie Trailer and A Few Words From CCA

Children’s Craniofacial Association is a proud supporter of the forthcoming film, Wonder. We are pleased and grateful that both the author of the book and movie production team consulted families, studied and worked with craniofacial children and formed connections with families on deep and meaningful levels. 

CCA is proud to endorse both the movie and the actors for their hard work to get the story right. We are so thrilled they created this film that tells our story with dignity, stunning accuracy, warmth, and sincerity.