Friday, November 30, 2012

Make Some Time for Fun

As the frenzied excitement of parties and shopping takes over this December, it’s always nice to try and keep life in perspective.  The best means I have of doing that is through the constant humor and original comments of my two boys ages 12 and 8.  Here are a few recent examples that will hopefully give you a smile…
Peter's teacher told me about an incident at school that had everyone laughing in his math class.  His teacher was explaining fractions while using a visual aid with stacked plastic parts.  While removing some of the pieces they became stuck and wound up flying all over the place.  One happened to hit Peter square on the head.  He then promptly looked his teacher in the eye and said, “Is this how you are trying to get fractions into my head?”  He quickly followed that comment with, “You know, fractions sure give me a headache!”
Jacob, who is in second grade, recently informed me that our country has never had a girl president because, “Girls always use exclamation points at the end of their sentences.”  Well, I thought, that could explain a lot! (Please note the strategic and, I believe, appropriate use of my exclamation point).
Peter, while riding in the car with me this week, realized he was sitting on the charger for my phone.  He promptly held it up and said, “I thought I was feeling a little extra charged!” (Please note my appropriate use of the exclamation point again)
After school yesterday, Peter excitedly hops in the car and reports that he has the best news EVER.  Wow, I thought, what could this be?  “Our English test for tomorrow is cancelled,” he said.  Seriously, I thought?  That’s the best news ever?  I didn’t exactly get as jubilant as Peter was, but I could appreciate his excitement—one less test to study for tonight.
Isn’t that exactly what we often wish for:  a little less responsibility and a lot more time for fun?  It is something to keep in mind during this hectic month.