Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Send in your Questions!

Once upon a time, in a world far away, I used to be a biostatistician. I worked in medical research, as a data cruncher. I really enjoyed it, and I love all the questions and the information that occasionally leads to an interesting answer. Since we discovered that John has Crouzon Syndrome, I have had a few opportunities to head to the medical school and search through journals to find answers to specific questions. I have really enjoyed the handful of opportunities where I could help others find answers to their questions. So I would like to do that here. If you have a specific question or hypothesis regarding a craniofacial topic (medical, psychosocial, therapeutic, etc), please leave a comment. And like your teachers always said, the only stupid question is the left unasked. Maybe once a month or so I can post a research related blog.
I look forward to it!

Update on John: He is doing great 10 days out from surgery. The swelling has diminished greatly, he can see and that precious personality is quickly returning. He is a little hesitant to leap from the couch or run like a wild man on the playground, and that is just fine by me!


  1. Hey April, what about researching how "fear of white coats" at 2-3 years of age affects you later in life... Social problems, maturity, ability to focus, behavior problems, etc.?????? Is there a link between medical intervention as an infant/toddler and post-traumatic stress syndrome?

  2. Hi April, My family just recently discovered after many many months of why our daughter was not growing in any circumference after her surgery in July 7, 2010 (Her brain has been growing out the top of her head only). It appears that during her Metopic surgery on July 7, 2010, a glue that has been only FDA approved for spinal surgeries was used. Her entire forehead was broken/shattered during the initial surgery and they pieced it back together. My questions are, since the glue and bonding materials are expanding the entire length of her forehead her forehead has not increased in size nor has the bone been allowed to become any stronger and it has started other sutures to prematurely fuse. Is there anything other than vitamin D supplements over the counter that might aid in her bone becoming stronger? We are being told that at the moment there is no way that the glue can be removed currently as her condition/forehead is extremely fragile and will crumble at the moment if touched here in the near future. Thank you!!


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