Monday, July 2, 2012

Grateful for the Weekend

Thank you Erica for the latest piece in our Grateful Sunday series...I apologize for the late post!


I'm a weekend warrior, for sure. Without the weekend, I am confident that my house would never get cleaned, the grocery shopping would never get done, and I certainly never would have completed my piled-up economics homework.

However, this weekend, I got to take a few hours out of completing the to-do list to hike a trail in the Mississippi woods with my sweet husband and his brother. As silly as it sounds, it was so nice to venture out into a place where there were no cars, no shopping malls, and only our conversation and curiosity to attend to (we were hunting a historic settlement). 

Beautiful feather we found on the trail
Historical marker for the ghost town in Amory, MS

I'm grateful for time to stop the hustle and bustle and listen to the sounds of nature and explore a quiet path. Despite the oppressive heat, it was fun break from our busy schedules. This summer, I encourage you take some time to get outdoors with friends and family (just wear your sunscreen!). Summer relaxation, no matter how brief, is quite rejuvenating for our minds, bodies and souls.

Happy July, everyone!


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  1. We definitely should be outdoors a lot more often. It's fun, gives you energy and there are so many things to explore.

    Best wishes


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