Monday, September 24, 2012

Grateful for Siblings

This week, it's easy to think of what I'm grateful for: my super sib sister, Emily. Tuesday is my sister's birthday and I am so proud of the woman she's become. My sister is the one person who I can call in crisis mode who will talk me through it with the advice of someone who thinks like me when I'm not in crisis mode. That's sister speak for “she gets me”.

She’s my little sister by five years, so growing up, I tended to protect her; I was her "junior mother" who made sure she wore her coat on the playground (our classrooms were 5 doors apart) and taught her about telling time using "Rugrats," the 90s television show. I also made sure she had a healthy imagination... since I may or may not have tortured her by pretending I could turn into a vampire named "Vampira.”  

But I wasn't the only one who was taking care of her sister. My sister was there to show me how to keep things in perspective, even from a very young age. Her silly sensibility coupled with her fierce attitude and rebellious streak kept life fun, exciting, and challenging. She seems so carefree, like she doesn't worry like me ... or my mom ... or my grandmother. I don't know if she missed that trait in the genetic roulette or if maybe she does worry like we do, but channels it into humor and play and being an excellent listener.

Regardless of the character of your super sibs or the role they play in your life (younger or older, sister or brother), I'm sure that my CCA friends would agree, siblings just "get it." They know how to show compassion without pity, worry, or burden, and they know when to send you a funny card or punch you in the arm.  They know the difference between when you need a tub of chocolate ice cream and when you really need a shot of Patron!

Happy birthday, Emily, and thanks for being awesome. Keep it up ... or I'll kick your butt, anyway. :)


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