Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Peter's Precept for #WONDERschools

If you have been following our blogs on the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio, then you will know what a positive impact it is making for craniofacial children and anti bullying.  The book's "Choose Kind" message is being taught in classrooms around the country.  This week Peter received a beautiful act of kindness from a 5th grade class in Baltimore who only knew him from the blog I posted last week (Every Kid Needs a Hero).  They wanted to give Peter his first "Standing Ovation" for his birthday (spoiler alert if you haven't read the book).  Here's a link to the video they "Tweeted" to me...

As a thank you, and to continue spreading the message of kindness, Peter and his younger brother, Jacob, put this video together to share with all students who are reading Wonder.  

Auggie's birthday is tomorrow, and there is a grass-roots campaign underway to make October 10th "Choose Kind Day".  As part of this effort, please visit www.choosekind.tumblr.com to take the pledge and share this powerful and positive message!

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