Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Handle Bad News from the Doctor

This June contributors were asked to write a post titled "How to Deal with Bad News from the Doctor." Our first post in this series comes from Stephen Wright. Stay tuned for a new post in the series each week.
If I received bad news at the doctor, the first thing I would do is try to focus on my breathing.  By taking deep breaths and trying to stay grounded and allow my emotions to be expressed, I would have a better foundation for coping with the news.  (Of course this is easier said than done.)
Second, I would call friends and family to obtain support and a reality check on how to handle the information.  (Questions such as: Do I need to get a second opinion? etc.)
Third, I would write down all of the steps I would need to take to handle the situation.  I would make a list of financial needs, logistical needs and  emotional needs and would add a timeline on how to accomplish these tasks in a piecemeal fashion.  (One thing my parents taught me was to never eat an elephant all at once, rather to break it down piece by piece to accomplish the mammoth task.)
Fourth, I would read some of my favorite passages from my favorite books to help me cope with passing the time during the difficult time.
The above coping mechanisms would help me to survive in a healthy way.

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