Monday, July 8, 2013

Media Monday: Lentil Goes Viral!

By now, if you're a part of CCA you've probably heard about Lentil. The good news is that the rest of the world is starting to hear about CCA via our new friend, Lentil Bean and his owner, Lindsay Condefer.

Lindsay is an amazing person. She not only works to find good homes for loving animals via Street Tails Animal Rescue, but she's also now a full-fledged CCA fundraiser raising over $30,000 between Lentil Fest and the online giving site she's set up for CCA families.

The media sensation that is Lentil has truly given CCA an opportunity to spread the message of awareness and acceptance. "Beyond the face is a heart" and beyond Lentil's sweet muzzle is a committed fundraiser who we truly admire and appreciate.

Send your thanks to Lentil and Lindsay by leaving them a note of gratitude on their Facebook Wall and don't forget to chip in to the Retreat Fund. Every $1 makes a difference!

MEDIA MONDAY: Here are some of the news outlets featuring Lentil & CCA. 
(Most of the photos are from Lentil's Facebook page.)

We love Lentil!

Send any media mentions you find to [email protected] and we'll feature them on an upcoming Media Monday!

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