Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grateful Sunday

On this Sunday I am grateful for the late writer M. Scott Peck.  One of the concepts that I refer to often is from his book The Road Less Traveled. The concept of discipline described below can be used to solve many of life’s problems.  I use this tool kit often in my life and highly recommend it to everyone. He describes life as being a  ”series of problems to be solved.”

Tools of Discipline
  1. Delaying Gratification: Sacrificing present comfort for future gains.  (Also known as Patience.)
  2. Acceptance of Responsibility: Accepting responsibility for one's own decisions.
  3. Dedication to Truth: Honesty, both in word and deed.
  4. Balancing and Bracketing: Handling conflicting requirements. Scott Peck talks of an important skill to prioritize between different requirements -- bracketing.

Read more of this book by renting it from your local library or purchasing a copy through, which donates a portion of sales to CCA when you set up an account & select CCA.

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