Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dating Advice: Stephen

An often requested topic for the blog is "Dating." In honor of Valentine's Day, this week we'll feature three posts about dating, relationships, and loving ourselves. 
Widen the Net
I recently asked a close friend of mine’s new wife what the secret was for him finding her after so many months of searching.  She said “Everything changed for him when he widened the net!”  Look at the big picture and broaden your horizons.   I have personally known people who found their Valentine 6000 miles away.  Now that is a wide Net!

What is Love?
The definition of Love that I aspire to is a quote from M. Scott Peck : “Love is any act that encourages the spiritual growth of another person.”  Before saying or doing something,  we can ask that question to determine if what do will make the other person better off than when we found them.


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