Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Today we have a couple of stories from our bloggers... enjoy your day, and whatever this day means for you, we wish you all love, peace, and comfort.

Shierry and Her Grandmas
by Rachel Lance

For mother's day this year, I would like to focus on the two women who love my daughter, Shierry, so fiercely that I pity anyone and anything who ever dares harm or even annoyance to Shierry in any way: my mom and my husband's mom. They are convinced and publicly proclaim on the regular that Shierry is the most genius, uproariously hilarious, and beautiful person ever. If Shierry believes in herself even one-tenth as much as her grandmothers believe in her, she will be unstoppable. They will read books or play outside way beyond the point at which I am capable of doing so. They always, always show up. Every difficult moment, birthday, and semi-annual pre-surgery pizza party. When you see Shierry with one of her grandmothers, you can't help but think that she is the luckiest girl in the world. We definitely would not be able to raise this crazy kid without them. Thank you and we love you!

Take Time to Smell the Tulips
by Meg Storie

My favorite Mother's Day was last year when I took a long weekend off. I picked up my mom and we drove to Michigan - over four hours away - to visit my aunt (my mom's sister). I drove the whole time. My mom dislikes driving, and I do too, but I would do anything for my mother ... especially on Mother's Day! We also celebrate my Aunt Connie on Mother's Day since there isn't a Aunt's Day. She was a foundational influence on me and in my life. So, my ladies and I went to the small town of Holland for a event called "Tulip Time." We got to see a sprawling acre of beautiful rainbow tulips and we didn't have to go a different country for it. We wrapped up a wonderful celebration by visiting Saugatuck to see Lake Michigan, the beach, and a having a very delicious dinner.

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