Monday, August 24, 2015

Practice Creative Solutions

Creativity is the skill that helps us figure out new ways to present information and develop solutions to old and frequent problems. Certainly, creativity is a must-have quality for back to school.

Perhaps one of the most important outcomes creativity allows kids and adults to experience is a new perspective. Check out this great article about how portraits of children with rare diseases helps their doctors and surgeons see and treat them more fully. With these portraits they are able to see the person, rather than just the syndrome.

Patricia Weltin fought relentlessly to have doctors finally recognize the rare diseases
that have impacted her two daughters' lives
We hope you enjoy this story about art opening minds and this year, when faced with a tough situation, step back and pull out some crayons. Let your inner kindergartener be your guide to a creative solution that is brave, kind, assertive, and enthusiastic.

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