Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#GivingTuesday: What will you give?

It's here! The biggest day of the year to show you care.

If you're planning on making a year-end gift, we ask you consider giving through Razoo's #GivingTuesday site today because we are eligible to win bonus prizes and a matching grant of $2500! Your gift this year is designated towards sending more kids to our Annual Family Retreat. Stay up-to-date all day long with us on social media as we try to reach our goal of $5000!

The best time to give is ANY ... but to make your gift go a little further, give during one of our two PowerHours ...

8 - 9 AM Eastern (7am CT, 6am MT, 5am PT) - $1000 for nonprofit with most DOLLARS raised
This will be one of the hardest times to win, because it will be one of the most popular, but we want to compete in this hour because it's first thing in the day and hopefully folks will do it and get it done and not forget. 

6 - 7 PM Eastern (5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT) - $500 to the HEALTH nonprofit with the most UNIQUE donors
This is a category specific prize, so only health charities are eligible. During this hour, we need the most number of donors, so small donations apply. Because this is the time Central folks are getting off work, it will also be a challenge, but a good option for our people on Pacific time. 

We sincerely thank you for a wonderful 2015! 
Happy Holidays!

During our annual four-day event, CCA Kids’ smiles never leave their faces and “can’t” is not a word you hear. At Retreat, CCA Kids’ confidence beams so brightly that even the parents in attendance breathe in the joy.

Darryl and Deena Dyson, proud parents of Teresa Joy (now age 8), describe their first moments at their first Retreat, with Deena saying, “While holding tight to TJ, I was scanning around at faces, curious about who might also be with CCA. I shortly noticed an adorable girl a few years older than my daughter jumping in the pool, splashing around, and having the time of her life… I was dumbstruck to observe this courageous and fun-loving girl was swimming with a tracheostomy!”

Though they had been having second thoughts about coming to the Retreat even just 24 hours before the family was set to fly out, Dyson continues saying, “I realized in that instant that nothing negative could come out of what we were about to experience at Retreat. This was not going to be a weekend of limits, sob stories, or holding back because of fear.”

Our Annual Family Retreat is life changing for every family member involved. Parents are able to see their children in a new light – in a setting where they excel at making friends and trying new things … something our kids often struggle with back home. Siblings who attend can make friends who “get it” – what it’s like to grow up in a family that often gets more stares than smiles. And of course, the children with facial differences in attendance find a new confidence and zeal for life that is sometimes hard to cultivate apart from such an accepting and welcoming community. The Dysons sum it up beautifully, saying, “At Retreat, we arrived at a place of joy, bravery and miracles beyond what we had ever seen. No one we encountered over the next days is living their lives as if being ‘different’ is a tragedy.” Indeed, these kids are shining examples of a fulfilling, happy life.

This year, please plan to give a gift that shines in the lives of others. Give to CCA on Giving Tuesday and change an entire family’s life. You can contribute to our campaign to raise $5000 to send more kids to our Annual Family Retreat on December 1, 2015 at www.givingtuesday.razoo.com/ccakids.

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