Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Join CCA's Birthday Club

What is the CCA Birthday Club?
The CCA Birthday Club is a way for CCA supporters to raise funds to benefit CCA and help us fund our critical services, especially our Annual Family Retreat & Educational Symposium scholarship fund.

Why did CCA start the Birthday Club?
It's fun to celebrate your birthday! However, a lot of people would rather give back on their birthday than receive. We believe the Birthday Club is a way to share your celebration with your friends and family and make it a positive way to rally around the cause of kindness.

How can I sign up and fundraise?
First, please contact Jill in the CCA office to let her know you want to be in the CCA Birthday Club. That way, we can make sure you will be recognized for your fundraising efforts.
You can use popular fundraising sites like GoFundMe* or you can use CCA's own fundraising pages. If you contact us, we will set up a personalized page for you on our website. You can add photos, a story, a video, and more! Just contact us for more info.

Do I need to notify CCA before I set up my fundraiser?
Yes! That way, we can record your participation, order your special prize, and plan to recognize you at Retreat, if you attend.

Does it have to be done online?
No! You can also organize a fundraising event, birthday party, collection at your office, and more. Everyone is welcome in the Birthday Club, whether you hold a live or virtual event.

What is the special prize?
Now... if we told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

*Please make sure you designate the "Certified Charity" option on GoFundMe. You must select this option to be a part of the CCA Birthday Club.

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