Friday, March 18, 2016

Volunteer Invents a Onesie for Babies with Medical Needs

Recently the creator of Snapsie, Sue Wilson, reached out to CCA to tell us about her invention that really could make life easier for parents of children with medical needs.

This "tender way to dress a little one" features a cute and comfy onesies that snap at the top, so nothing has to be pulled over baby's head.

We think these onesies are a great! But even better is the story behind it.

Sue explains that in 2012, there was a study taking place at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, WA to reduce central IV line infections. The team was looking for a volunteer (who turned out to be... you guessed it, Sue!) to sew “infection control onesies” for the research project being conducted by the infection control department. The team felt that if they could keep the central IV lines on babies going up and away from the diaper area, they could eliminate one more source of potential infections.

The Solution
"I started by trying to remake the hospital onesies so that they would open from the neck through the shoulder and sleeve to allow the IV lines to thread up and away from the diaper. Well, those remakes turned out pretty ugly! After a great deal of thought I came up with the very simple design for Snapsie®. The hospital staff loved the design! I then went into production mode and made 48 Snapsies in 3 sizes on my home sewing machine for the team to use in their study."

The Response
The feedback from the Mary Bridge staff and families who used the Snapsies at the hospital was overwhelmingly positive and they wanted more. They started my journey to having Snapsies manufactured. To date, there have been no central line infections in babies who have been involved in the study that included Snapsies™ … and that is the best part of this story!

About Sue
"I have loved to sew from the time that I sewed my first project in my sophomore Home Economics class in high school. In fact, I went on to graduate with degrees in Home Economics and Elementary Education from Oregon State University. I taught Home Ec, but ultimately had a 20-year career as an elementary teacher.

Being a teacher meant learning to solve problems. It is those problem-solving abilities along with my knowledge of sewing that helped me design the Snapsie. I also credit my parents. They instilled in their seven children a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude. My dad usually concluded any counsel that he gave us with '… you’ll figure out what to do.'"

Check out Snapsie online for more information and to purchase. 

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