Monday, June 13, 2016

Hospodka Family Spotlight

Bridget, our CCA Kid, is the second oldest of 4. She is 12 years old and keeps busy at Holy Name School, which she attends with her little brother and sister.  Moving up to 6th grade and middle school has presented its own sets of challenges and opportunities.  She has three main teachers and has to keep track of her FM amplifier when moving from class to class.  Her classwork has gotten more challenging, but she is more than capable of doing the work and excelling. After school, the fun doesn’t stop!  Bridget keeps busy with mass choir, chess, maker’s club, and played soccer this spring.  She loves texting and talking with friends, but hanging out is the best. In other exciting news, Bridget got braces!  She’s sporting pink and green bands and getting used to the new feeling and what she can and can’t eat.

Big brother Daniel can be seen at meals and for brief moments when he is not in his room reading everything he can get his hands on!  He is adored by his littlest sister for his ability to carry her everywhere and swing her around like a carnival ride.  After a tough freshman year, Daniel  transferred schools midyear, and the change has been beneficial for him academically!  He is looking  forward to taking more culinary arts and design classes.  This summer holds big changes on the horizon, as Dan got his driver's license and is looking forward to his first job.

Little brother Conor is busy riding bikes and racing BMX, when he isn’t bugging his sister.  I keep telling them they’ll probably end up being best friends. Since starting out at the track less than 2 years ago, he has earned a shelf full of trophies and medals, while making friends and inviting friends to join.  Conor just finished third grade, and loves math.  He is a Wolf Cub in Cub Scouts, and worked hard on his pinewood derby car—it was a submarine with room for a Lego captain to ride along!

Adeline is our tiny terrific not-quite-a-toddler anymore, but not quite a preschooler.  Daycare (aka “school at Miss Shannon’s house”), potty training, and getting into whatever looks interesting are at the top of her to do list.  She sings about anything that comes to mind, she babies any doll or stuffed animal that crosses her path, and she loves the heck out of all of us.

Although we won’t be able to make it to the Retreat in 2016, we hope to make it next year! Can’t wait to see pictures!

See you all soon!

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  1. hi hi my name is Ally I am going into 6th grade too, my mom and I are typing and just learning about this website. Would love to email and share stories. I just got my braces off as part of many steps to facial surgeries. We are trying to post pictures, but still learning Hope to hear from you Bridget, your family looks like they have fun! I have a twin sister, two dogs, a cat and a bunny. Thank you Ally and Tammie


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