Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thomas Family Spotlight

“I choose to be unstoppable. I am bigger than my concerns and worries. The strength of others inspires me daily. I focus on my goals and trust my intuition. I live a courageous life.” 

It is fair to say as a family, the Thomas’ have abided by this quote. Sullivan started high school in September 2015 and is doing better than anyone had imagined. He participates in an after technical theater program, and has made several friends who are also in the program. Sullivan has done an awesome job balancing grades and high school activities. Just like any other freshman boy in high school, Sullivan spends plenty of time playing video games on his play station. 

Jonas, the youngest of the siblings recently got a Go-Pro camera. He enjoys making up “Parkour” routines and recording them. 

Jonas also loves spending time with his friends at the local library where they play MineCraft. Jonas had his yearly winter sing school concert; he did a phenomenal job! He also recently cut about five inches off of his hair! 

Hannah has recently graduated early from high school and is working fulltime as a nanny for a local family. She finished up coaching Special Olympics bowling and is now coaching Special Olympics snowshoeing. This summer, she plans on attending a school trip to an orphanage in Guatemala for the second year in a row. Once she returns from her trip she will began her eleven month journey with AmeriCorps-City Year; where she will be teaching in an urban school. 

As for their parents Amy and Maylan, are doing pretty good as well. Amy has recently started the first all-inclusive technical theater program in the United States. The program is called Team Awesome and focuses on allowing children who have special needs to learn how to build sets for plays, work in the lighting and sound booths and most importantly, it allows them to feel a part of something bigger. Maylan recently completed the showings of the musical American Idiot. He put in lots of  hours to complete the first ever high school version of the musical in Wisconsin. It is clear to say that everyone in the Thomas household is doing better than ever. 

Thank you Thomas family for sharing your update with the rest of the CCA Family. We are so excited for your busy year. 

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