Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Francis Smith: Patient, Researcher, and Inspiration

By Kara Jackman

In September, CCA Kids Blog covered one of our members, Emily Paulson, that went from patient to nurse. Francis Smith turned his adversity into positivity, too.  Motivated by his facial difference, Treacher Collins, Smith works as a dental researcher at the University of Colorado. He provides other researchers and doctors with whom he works with the much needed patient perspective. Smith is very inspirational and has a recurring series on our blog called "From the Bench," where he shares he experience and hope with the CCA community.

In October, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus wrote a piece for their online newspaper CU Anschutz Today. Guest contributor, Debra Melani, interviewed Smith about his life, surgeries, strength, and the work that must continue to help benefit future people with genetic disorders.

Smith researches, "bioinformatics and genome analysis of embryonic tissue under the supervision of CU School of Dental Medicine Associate Professor Trevor Williams, PhD." Smith is also an advocate and spokesman for those with craniofacial differences. He has written blogs and spoke in many places around the globe.

Learn more Smith, his work, devoted adopted mother, and perspective on life in the article published on the CU Today website. In case you missed it in a previous blog post, view the video below, too, where Smith discusses Treacher Collins and his work with scientist, Michael Rape, of the University of California, Berkeley.

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