Monday, May 22, 2017

Shea Freeman: Raising Awareness Through Film

By Shea Freeman
My name is Shea Freeman and I was born with Crouzon Syndrome. I've attended a couple of CCA events. Most recently, I was a speaker at an event back in 2013 in Orlando. I made a documentary about my life at the request of my doctor, Mutaz Habal. Since then, I have gone on to move to Los Angeles and currently I am developing a TV pilot that is loosely based on my life with Crouzon syndrome. 

I also created a webseries called, Mr. Funny Face, which chronicles some of my experiences living with Crouzon Syndrome. It's meant to be a funny portrayal of how I handle these situations, as I pride myself on having a good sense of humor and being able to take a joke. Here is an episode about what happens when children comment, "you're weird looking" to me. I'm sure everyone can relate to what plays out in this short episode. Enjoy!

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