Thursday, July 13, 2017

Infographic: Good and Bad Peer Pressure

Here's another great infographic from our friends at the Wooden Toy Shop in the United Kingdom. They have a whole host of  other infographics on many topics on kids and parenting. Thank you for sharing. We are very grateful. To show your gratitude, check out Wooden Toy Shop's incredible catalog of beautiful toys on their website today.

Everyone faces the challenges of peer pressure. From childhood, right through to adulthood, both negative and positive effects can be felt. Theres a lot of research and science behind the influence others can have on us, and in this infographic, we look at how you can help your child navigate the demands of these everyday pressures.
Armed with helpful knowledge about how peer pressure can influence decisions, how to recognise these situations and how to work out the best decision for you is a skill that can be learned. This infographic will set you and your child on the right path and make you more comfortable when peer pressure arises.

The Science of Peer Pressure
The Science of Peer Pressure by Wooden Toy Shop

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