Monday, August 28, 2017

#MediaMonday: Kid Drops A Hot 3-Point Shot

Gabriel Hafter dropped one of the hottest basketball shots I have ever seen last week in a Las Vegas high school gym. The kid's ball handling skills are undeniable, but unfortunately due to numerous surgeries for Treacher Collins, he could not play in many games. the coach was kind enough to let him in for the final minutes of a tournament game last week. Check out the amazing shot good 'ole Gabe made from downtown here captured by Las Vegas 13 Action News. It is hot! A must watch! 

There are a lot of dangers for kids with facial differences on the field or on the court. Too many elbows and balls getting thrown around could really mess up the life-saving work surgeons did days before.  The good news is I will have some ideas to help Hafter, and other athletes, crush it from half court in Thursday's "Ask the Adaptive Athlete" post. 

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