Monday, October 9, 2017

Martha's Vineyard Mother and Daughter Petition Fight for Insurance Legislation

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Just when I thought I could not love Martha's Vineyard more, I read this story and my heart burst open for my favorite island off the coast of Massachusetts. A mother and daughter, Ann and Criss Quigley, of South Hadley in Western Massachusetts,  and West Tisbury,  on the Vineyard, worked to create proposed legislation to have insurance companies cover medical and dental expenses for people born with congenital craniofacial conditions. The Martha's Vineyard Times quotes Quigley as saying,  "We hope our state legislators can close the loophole that allows insurers to deny coverage for treatment of medically necessary reconstruction for disabling craniofacial birth defects simply because they happen to affect the mouth and teeth.” All of which could not be more true. 

If you live in New England, or even if you do not, write letters in support of this proposed bill. If we can make it happen here in Massachusetts then maybe it can happen in your state, too. This is a story of hope. I hope you see and feel that hope through the Quigley's great work. 

Read more about it here in the Martha's Vineyard Times. 

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