Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hannah Steinagel No Longer Needs To "Only Imagine"

One of our own was part of the "I Can Only Imagine" movie craze thanks to the One Voice Children's Choir. Hannah Steinagel was born with craniofacial microsomia and microtia. Her dream was to part of the One Voice Choir. Hannah was able to rise up, overcome many surgeries, obstacles, and pain to make this dream come true. Hannah's whole family is very excited about this extremely positive experience that touched their family. 

They never expected it to coincide with the release of the major-motion picture, "I Can Only Imagine." Never could they have imagined that Hannah would be featured in the music video made especially for the release of the film, which is based on the inspiration behind the song written and performed by the contemporary Christian band, MercyMe.

Hannah's mother, Kathie Steinagel, reflects about their experience with One Voice Children's Choir, "This group prayed to know who they could help and through a series of miracles, they found her [Hannah]."

After a bout of sadness after her last surgery, Hannah felt like giving up, but this opportunity made her realize what great things are yet to come! Kathie says of her daughter, "This is the first time in her life that she feels like she belongs to something other than our family.  I hope so badly that other organizations like One Voice Children's Choir will be inspired to reach out to other kids like Hannah, who have so much to give, but few opportunities to share it."

The Steinagels hope that you enjoy the videos created to tell Hannah's inspiring story. Kathie says, "It's the only way we can help pay forward their kindness to us."  Sharing these videos will help the choir get the funding they need so they can help another child feel valued, validated, and alive with spirit.

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  1. Thank you to our beloved CCA friends and family for sharing this! We attended the retreat years ago in Myrtle Beach, when Hannah was just a little girl. After years of wanting to meet someone else just like her, she was rewarded with a host of angel friends. We get to see you all again this year in SLC.... and we cannot wait! Thanks to Annie and the admin for the blog for sharing this story. After 8 years of trying to join this group (and auditioning for sooooo many other groups during that time - all with rejection letters :-( ) the One Voice Children's Choir contacted us out of the blue. They offered Hannah a chance to tell her story. And then they gave her a spot in their choir. They have given her friendship and acceptance that she's never known anywhere else. They have loved her with a love that we can't even explain. My hope is that other groups around the country and our world will consider reaching out - just like this choir did - and offering kids like our Hannah the chance to contribute and shine. "I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life". We couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing!! ~ Kathie Steinagel


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