Monday, May 7, 2018

Tony's Kids Can, Through May 11th Raise $5,000, Get $5,000 In Matched Donations!

Children's Craniofacial Association is a family. We want every member of our family to do their part to raise funds for the Tony Stewart Foundation's newest campaign "Tony's Kids Can." If we raise $5,000 by Friday, May 11th, then our donations will be matched, dollar for dollar. This would result in  $10,000 being raised for CCA. For many years, Tony Stewart Foundation helped CCA kids through grants and other financial support. Today they continue their work for us through the Tony's Kids Can. This opportunity is unique due to the one week, double impact challenge.  In order to be successful, everyone must come together and work as a team to advance CCA to the finish line on Friday, May 11th for the matching $5,000. 

The how is up to you. The why is for the kids. 

There are two ways to donate. You can donate to the already existing, online fundraisers, or create your own page.You can raise money by holding a yard sale, lemonade stand, dance-a-thon, road race, or just by spreading the word on social media. Here are more suggestions from the Tony Stewart's Foundation website. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart...because, like Tony says, "it's all about heart!"

Here is the press release from the Tony Stewart Foundation that explain more about the fundraising process, what organizations Stewart chose to benefit, and plans for future fundraising efforts that will begin in Fall 2018. 

-Kara J. 

Teamwork to Fund Children’s Charities Initiated by Tony Stewart’s Foundation (Indianapolis, IN / May 1, 2018) – Tony Stewart, 3-time NASCAR Series Champion is a self-proclaimed “softie” for helping children and animals through his named foundation. Tony personally raises a lot of funds for his foundation’s grant program that monetarily awards outstanding organizations providing programs and services helping children with critical illness or physical disabilities as well as animals at-risk.

Kicking off May 2 and running for the next 90 days, Stewart has issued a challenge to race enthusiasts along with everyone who cares deeply about children’s health and wellness. Stewart remarked, “ Over the years I’ve met so many of these kids and have continued to be struck by their can-do attitude. I decided it was time to show these great kids that others are willing to step in and show our ‘will-do’ support by raising funds among family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.”

Tony’s Kids Can, an online peer-to-peer giving program, is designed to encourage creative, thoughtful and fun fundraising practices for donors, resulting in contributions to the foundation and to its grant partners. Financial contributors to the campaign can make an individual donation, but are encouraged to involve others in their fundraising paired with various activities and promotions. “We want to turn fundraising into FUNdraising,” says Stewart.

“The goal of the program is to mobilize groups of kind-hearted people to raise funds in creative ways while having fun and creating community,” says Pam Boas, Stewart’s mom and treasurer of the board of directors. We envision backyard BBQs and wine tastings alongside children’s movie night and lemonade stands among what’s certain to be wildly creative ways to have fun while raising money for the grant program.”

More than half of the current foundation’s grant partners serving children have elected to participate in Tony’s Kids Can. Next, starting early fall, a second campaign will feature the grant partners provided services and rescue for at-risk or endangered animals.

Stewart is seeking teammates of all ages to join his Tony’s Kids Can effort. Kids are encouraged to participate to not only help other kids but to learn a bit about philanthropy in the process. Stewart’s goal is to raise at least $60,000 that will directly benefit these children’s charities through the foundation’s grant program.

Together we will Accelerate Change for children. These kids have a can-do attitude and spirit. Do you? Please visit the Tony’s Kids Can campaign to see how you can join the team -

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