Tuesday, July 17, 2018

#WonderWednesday: 12-year Old Entrepreneurs in New Jersey, Inspired By 'Wonder'

Students at the Academy St School in Dover, NJ were kind enough to donate to CCA after completing a series of projects that raised money for the non-profit organization. As part of an economics unit, 60 sixth graders formed 12 companies that competed with one another to earn the most money. The project called BizWorld helped students understand the economy and gave them the ability to help others, too. 

Priscilla Wellborn explains BizWorld this way, "We use this project at the end of the year and it is a big hit. Companies make and sell products, using every component of the entrepreneurial cycle... design, manufacture, market, sell. Students learn to keep ledgers and pay for expenses. They learn that they need to work in team to accomplish their goal. We usually make about 1,000 in profit, sometimes more."

Wellbourn and her students specifically chose to donate the funds they earned through the project to CCA because they recently read the book "Wonder." Auggie Pullman, the main character in the book, was born with Treacher Collins, and the sixth graders wanted to help an organization that helps real kids like Auggie. Wellborn's students felt the book and movie was " amazing." They really connected  and loved it."

After all the work on the project was complete, there was only one thing left to do: donate the money. CCA teen, Alyssa Rieger accepted the check on behalf of CCA for a whooping $1,985.80. Impressive! Alyssa was born with craniosynostosis who hopes to become a Child Life Specialist at a children's hospital. Right now she is a rising sophomore at Warren County Technical School studying Child Development with the hope that she will brighten the days of children born with medical challenges. Most of her surgeries took place during the ages of 10-14. In her spare time Alyssa enjoys bowling and is a member of her volleyball team. 

Thank you Academy St School in Dover, NJ and to Alyssa for accepting this check for us. We are truly grateful for all that you have done. 

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