Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fueling Your Body For Post Surgical Recovery

I am always looking for innovative ways to keep my food intake in check. I eat little processed food, or sugar. I mostly consider myself a paleo with a dash of grains. This is a choice I made with some of my doctors because they know eating good fats like avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil with proteins and vegetables can decrease the amount of time it takes for my body to recover from surgery. I'm am far from perfect at this way of life. Still, I want my body to be running as optimally as possible, thus a low inflammatory lifestyle is required. 

But how do you do this when you are on a post-surgical liquid or soft food diet? Most recommended foods are overcooked pastas, ice cream, pudding, applesauce, Ensure, and foods that are filled with sugar. Yuck! Thankfully there are more options out in the forms of protein powder that are plant-based and animal-based protein. You can find those at Whole Foods or any natural health food store. Your pharmacies may carry them in the vitamin aisle. 

Additionally, our friends at Real Food Blends make a solid, great product specifically made for the people that are fed through a tube. 

Another option that my friend and cousin told me about in advance of my upcoming surgeries is Splendid Spoon. This is a meal kit, delivery service website that provides you with smoothies and soups made from natural, nutrient-dense quality ingredients. I plan on trying Splendid Spoon to let everyone know how the service and food is. 

This post is not an advertisement for either of these brands. It is only an endorsement for all of us in this community to eat well during times when nutrients and eating whole foods ought to be a high priority: while we are healing from surgery. 

What are ways that you have used to fuel your body after surgery or in your day-to-day life with a feeding tube or liquid diet? Recipes are very welcome. Please leave your responses in the comments, so I can follow up on them in a future blog post. 

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