Sunday, September 9, 2018

Nathaniel Newman Seattle Children's Pulse Feature

The Newman family has some exciting news to share on behalf of Seattle Children's Hospital where there son Nathaniel is a patient. Dr. Richard Hooper has refined a surgical procedure called a subcranial rotation distraction that helps people born with Treacher Collins Syndrome breathe without a tracheostomy. The updated blog post about Nathaniel Newman's journey includes a scholarly article about the life-changing surgery that Nathaniel and other TCS patients have undergone. Nathaniel's father, and CCA Board member, Russel Newman writes about Nathaniel's progress after the surgery, " It really is amazing how Nathaniel is thriving since the procedure. He has grown 5 inches and gained almost 20 lbs in the last 10 months. He sleeps effortlessly 8-10 hours a night with no assistance. Energy through the roof. I think all of the kids treated by dr hopper are seeing similar results." 

You can find the journal article and a video in the middle of the Seattle Children's blog post at this link

Russel feels, "in my mind, and according to the scholarly article, changed forever how TCS Kids with complex airway issues will be treated."


  1. Amazing job!!! I'm a huge fan of Nathaniel 💚

  2. Keep smiling Nathaniel from western Australia.


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