Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October's The Mighty Prompts....and Download Their New App

1. Sometimes the least likely people show up when we need them most. Describe a moment when someone you didn’t expect to be there helped you or a loved one in some way. Why was this meaningful to you? What can others learn from this moment? If you respond to this writing prompt, use the hashtag #HelpEachOther at the end of your post.
2. Create a list of questions you wish you’d asked your doctor the day you received significant medical news (i.e. a diagnosis, a surgery recommendation, a prognosis, etc.). Sometimes in the moment when your doctor asks you if you have any questions, even though you have a ton, you can’t think of one. Then you go home and they all come back to you. Create a list you wish you’d had that may help others going through what you went through. What should you have asked, or, what should your doctor have been sure to go over with you? If you respond to this writing prompt, use the hashtag #QuestionsForDoctors at the end of your post.
3. Let’s talk bullying. Unfortunately, many people with health conditions and their loved ones are bullied at one point in their life for being different. If it’s not too painful to recall, write about a moment you faced a bully and how you dealt with that — or how you’re working through it now? How do you wish you had handled the situation, or, if you’re proud of how you reacted, what would you tell others facing similar problems? If you respond to this writing prompt, use the hashtag #EndBullying at the end of your post.
4. October can be a challenging month when it comes to food. With Halloween, and the holidays around the corner, many people with food challenges — from allergies to sensory issues to disordered eating to dietary restrictions — find this time of year difficult. If you are one of them, describe a moment when your or a loved one’s health condition made a food experience challenging. What do you wish others understood about you in this moment? How did you handle it and what advice would you give for people like you?

October's Poetry Prompt

“These are #MySymptoms…”s
Living with the symptoms associated with both physical and mental illness can be challenging — people who’ve never dealt with certain health conditions often don’t understand how the visible and “invisible” symptoms someone experiences affect their day-to-day life, and therefore it’s easy to feel isolated, frustrated or misunderstood.
That is why for October’s poetry prompt, we’re asking you to write poetry about the symptoms you experience or have experienced in the past due to a health condition using the hashtag #MySymptoms. By writing poems about these everyday experiences with symptoms, we hope you can bring light to what you’re going through, and maybe even help process through them.
If your condition isn’t associated with any symptoms, we still want to read your poetry! Post your poem to the #MightyPoets page, or participate in last month’s prompt: “I am #beyondworthy because…”

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