Tuesday, January 15, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Angelica Reflects on "Wonder"ful Experience with Utah Students

By Angelica Garcia 

It was an immense joy to come back to Neil Armstrong Academy in West Valley, Utah to talk to the same fourth and sixth grade classes AFTER they read and have enjoyed watching Wonder ☺️ It was great answering more of their brilliant questions. Questions included were from their letters they had sent after our first session at NAA, addressing the value of individuality and self-worth, both sides of bullying, the variety of craniofacial conditions, and truly making connections amidst huge differences. After this live Q and A session, we were by the door greeting the students as they were kind of going out and there was this darling girl that kind of casually made her way between Marco and me. She was out of the line formation wanting to talk. Basically, it was one of those moments where you instantly sense that out of the blue, they want you to notice them for just a little bit for a vital yet unknown reason. With a genuine heart and motherly instinct, I found myself genuinely sharing with her that she is truly beautiful, she deserves to enjoy her life, and things will be okay. I shared my gut instincts with the teacher and she confirmed that the student needed to hear what I had shared with her. It is also one of those moments where from then on, you’ll want to ask yourself, from time to time, how the student (along with everyone else) is doing. This is my purpose and my life mission. I truly love it ❤️ #lifepurpose #teach #sharegoodness #wonder#apertsyndrome 
#apertsyndromeawareness #ambassadors

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