Friday, February 15, 2019

Time of Our Lives: Memory of A First Retreat

CCA celebrates its 30th birthday on February 24th. Each member of this ever-growing family has a story to tell. Some have been documented in the 30 Stories, 30 Faces, 30 Years campaign. Others, we will share through the series we call "The Time of Our Lives."
CCA has a unique way of touching our hearts. In an effort to include even more voices of the people that this organization touches, we hope you take a moment out of your day to read how we have had the "Time of Our Lives" over the last 30 years together.
Our first entry is from Deena Dyson and her daughter's first Annual Family Retreat experience. Take a moment and enjoy!
"Before we took our daughter, Teresa (now 12) to her first retreat at age 5, we didn’t yet know how aware she was or wasn’t about her different appearance. We got an answer quickly when we all met Meg Storie. While being introduced, Teresa beamed. With a huge smile and while pointing at Meg, she exclaimed, “You have my face!” CCA has had our hearts ever since." Deena Dyson, Mother of Teresa

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