Friday, March 8, 2019

Jaci Helps Veterans In Pennsylvania and CCA Kids Across the Country

Pictured from Left to Right Commander of the American Legion, Ted Smith, his wife, Megan Lynn Tecce, and her husband Ex-Commander of the American Legion, Gene Tecce

My Name is Jaci Samhammer! Besides being a CCA adult and volunteer, I am also a member of the American Legion Knowles Doyle Post 317 in Yardley, Pennsylvania where I am the Sergeant of Arms in the Legion Auxiliary. What we do is support veterans. My involvement with the Legion helps out by visiting local nursing homes that have vets staying there and sitting and talking with them. We bring them a goodie bags filled with fun stuff. They are so happy we are there for them. 
Around Christmastime, we do a giving tree. We have one representative from the Auxiliary go to the nursing home, get the list of vets, and what they want for Christmas. Then, we make cards and put them on the tree. People pick a name they want with their gift listed on the card. They bring the gift back by a certain time. It must be wrapped. After we sort them between the different nursing homes, and the representative delivers them, so they have something to open on Christmas day. 
Also, I am in charge of running the Americanism essay contest. We are sent the topic and rules from the department of the Auxiliary to send to local schools, so that students in Grades 3-12 can participate. Then after the deadline, we chose a winner. Only one winner is chosen from each grade level. Then, we go to the school and have an awards ceremony. An honor guard joins us and does a flag folding demonstration and explains what each fold means. They also play and explain "Taps," a bugle call played at dusk during flag ceremonies.
I also help out the Sons of the American Legion by selling Christmas trees. I am also the ticket taker at legion parties. Plus, I am the unofficial photographer. That’s a little bit of what I do in my home community, besides spreading awareness for all of us with CCA.

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