Tuesday, November 12, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Grace Shares the "Wonder" of It All in Cypress, TX

Grace Anto started the school year off with a bang by sharing her story at Rennell Elementary School in Cypress, TX on October 28th. After reading the book "Wonder" Grace spoke about her real-life experience living with a craniofacial condition. Her teachers said the presentation, "was very engaging for our students. They felt like they could really relate to her because of all of the similarities she pointed out between herself and them." 

This year marks the second year that Grace shared her story with the fifth graders at the Rennell School. Here teacher said her impact was palpable, noticing its continued lessons reverberating to conversation the day after the assembly, "Her confidence has already inspired my 5th graders to reach out to people they don't know and get to know them, or make them feel included. My 5th graders kept mentioning her ICQ strategy today (Introduce, Compliment, and Question). Some of them even said they have already tried this strategy at school or extra-curricular activities!"

Keep impressing that important message on everyone who that will listen. Thanks

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