Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Jenifer Ihm Writes Books To Bring 'Comfort and Joy' Before Surgery

Some writers become authors over night, but Jenifer Donatelli Ihm of Chicago, Illinois became one at night. She finds herself most inspired to write in the middle of the night. Her son was born with cleft lip and palate, but her stories have a broader reach to other kids born with facial differences. 

Jeni with her husband and kids!

This accidental author wrote her first book with Missy Lavender, with the support of the Women's Health Foundation, for girls about their pelvic and reproductive health. The book is called Below Your Belt:  How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region and helps to navigate pre-teen and teen girls through the changes their body makes as they grow older. It guides the reader through an exploration and explanation of the pelvic region, reproductive organs, and bowels. Health, fitness, and nutritional advice is given with whimsy and humor.

After that positive publishing experience, Jeni wanted to write more, but this time she chose to draw from her personal experiences. She has completed three separate texts for children, like her son, born with facial differences. She hopes these books will calm their nerves before surgeries, empower them to feel superhero strong because of their smiles, and know that a universe of angels surrounds them with positive energy as they forge head on through their medical journey.

Each book was written in the evening, the words seemingly just coming to her in a series of moments of clarity. Jeni's hope is that there is an illustrator out there that could bring her words to life, so that they may one day become children's picture books.

Here is the text of her most recent writing endeavor called "Superhero Smiles." If you happen to be a publisher, illustrator, or book agent, Jeni might like to hear from you. :-) 

Have you ever noticed when someone smiles at you, it’s hard not to smile back?
Sharing a smile can brighten your day and make someone feel good. Smiling at a friend who’s sad might help them feel better faster than anything else possibly could. 
Smiling on the outside makes your insides smile too. Smile every chance you get, it will help you feel amazing and cure your blues.

Try skipping without smiling. It’s kinda hard, don’t you think? Some people don’t like to smile, instead they just wink. Some people don’t like their teeth, so they try not to show them by hiding their smile. We say give it a try, smile, and be brave for just a little while. 

Everyone has their own special smile to share. Go on and simply smile, if you dare. Turn the page and discover the wonderful world of smiles, we promise there will be no grimaces, sneers or Elvis snarls.

Some smiles are big and some are small. Some show no teeth, and some show them all.
Some smiles have scars from a boo boo or cut. Some babies are born with a cleft lip and palate that the doctor carefully stitches up.

Some smiles are wide that show all their braces. Some like to smirk and make silly faces.
Some smiles are crooked and sideways and such. Some simply just grin to show they are

Animals smile all different ways. They like to act silly like you and me when we play.
Some grandparents and babies smile showing just their gums. 
Some smile to themselves while chanting yoga om’s.

A jaw-dropping smile brings energy to a room. This may mean laughing might happen incredibly soon!

The lopsided smile can be warm and fuzzy. It’s ok once in a while to force a smile if you need the money.

If you see a smile you’re not familiar with, please don’t point or stare. If you ask you might meet a new friend to play with, and they can be the best kind of all! 

Remember a genuine smile is best, better than all the rest!

Whatever kind of smile you have, crooked or straight, smile as much as you can, it will simply be great. 

Take care of that one of a kind smile, and go the extra mile. Don’t forget to floss, brush, eat smart, and exercise. Healthy smiles gleam and twinkle in the eyes. 

Smiles are infectious & contagious to others. Almost everyone smiles occasionally, even little brothers. Watch out, you too might share a smile, just remember to deliver it simply with style.

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