Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Staff Donate $400 To CCA Kids

Schools may not be in session over the summer, but the work for all school systems continues behind the scenes. Mary Ann Jackman, mother of CCA staffer, Kara Jackman, is one of the people that makes schools kind, welcoming spaces for diverse students in cities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. After 11 years of service as a regional director for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Statewide System of Support [SSoS], she brought her service to a close on June 30th. In her honor and in lieu of a gift, her colleagues donated $400 to CCA after hearing about the good work that we do for kids across the country. On top of that $400, Mary Ann and her soul mate and husband, Patrick Jackman, contributed an additional $200 towards their daughter’s birthday club fundraiser. This $600 will bring about a positive impact for our families, providing life-changing medical care for kids in need, building family network connections, and educational materials for students of all ages.

Mary Ann and Patrick Jackman in San Diego, CA

Mary Ann Jackman is a tireless advocate for children in urban, diverse municipalities from Chelsea, Framingham, Randolph, Taunton, and Lowell.  She began her educational career at schools in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury.   She taught at various grade levels, plus put her certifications in math and computer technology to good use in the Boston Public Schools. Mary Ann was the first to bring computers into Boston classrooms. Later, she would move into administrative positions, working as an assistant principal, principal (of two schools no less), and ultimately superintendent in a small town closer to the family home, so she could better care for her family.  She retired as superintendent in 2006, but her passion for education remained intact. Mary Ann knew there was more work to do. It was then, after two years working at an Apple retail store, that she returned to work in education with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. There she teamed with colleagues and partnered with schools/districts to work together to better understand and support the needs of the diverse and changing student populations, toward the goal of improving outcomes for all.  Surrounded by dedicated colleagues and school/district leaders, school improvement plans were developed, implemented, and progress monitored; student opportunities and achievement grew and improved. 

Her colleagues wanted to share their appreciation for her years of leadership and hard work. Mary Ann is a tough woman for whom to purchase gifts, so when she caught wind of something going on, she talked with her long time colleague Casel Walker and SSoS assistant director, Rebecca Hyde, about CCA and the work that CCA did in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and her daughter, Kara’s, passion for creating opportunities and making a difference for those with facial differences.  

Mary Ann leaves a positive impression on all people with whom she works. She exemplifies all the principles in our #ChooseKind initiative, especially for black, indigenous, and students of color. Many of the team members were touched by her work ethic and eagerly took the opportunity to donate in her honor. Thanks to Mary Ann’s leadership, all of them live out Margaret Mead’s message. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

CCA is grateful that this group of thoughtful, committed citizens has helped to improve the lives of families in the facial difference world, too. Thank you to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Statewide System of Support Coastal Region. We salute you, your work, and the countless opportunities you gave to a young girl from Dorchester that just wanted to help children reach their aspirational educational goals

Three cheers for you, Mary Ann! What a life well lived!


  1. It was a great honor to work with Mary Ann. Her dedication and commitment to improving the education and lives of all children is displayed in everything she does. Even as she moved on to the next chapter in her life she thought of a way to give to children in need!

    1. Thank you! It is great to hear this about a wonderful woman, and Mom.


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