Friday, January 8, 2021

Research Opportunity: Speech Pathology Among Adolescents and Adults With Moebius Syndrome

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please review the information below from researchers at Artevelde University College of Ghent. The researchers state what they are hoping to learn about speech pathology for people born with Moebius syndrome. If you think that your experience could help them with their research, and you are eligible according to their guidelines, reach out and contact them or fill our the questionnaire at the link below. Supervising researcher is [email protected] or student researchers [email protected] or [email protected] 

We are two students of the study programme Bachelor in Speech and Language Therapy at Artevelde University College Ghent. As part of our Bachelor's thesis Functional complaints in adolescents and adults with Moebius syndrome, we would like to question people with Moebius syndrome aged 12 years and older via an online survey.

Since there has already been written much about functional complaints in children with Moebius syndrome, the focus here is on adolescents and adults. In this way, we hope to be a driving force for conducting more scientific research and thus increase public awareness of this syndrome. Therefore we were wondering if you would like to share our online survey and poster in this group?

In the poster you will find more information about our research (see poster above). 

Participants can fill in the questionnaire via this link

We kindly ask you to fill these in before the end of February.

We thank you in advance
Kind regards

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