Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Mighty Events and April Writing Prompts

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our friends at The Mighty have a full slate of events this month, as well as, writing prompts to help you process how you feeling and dealing during these difficult times. Many of their events look thought-provoking and meet this moment in time in which we find ourselves. The writing prompts will allow you to reflect on life in 2021 living with a disability or diagnosis. Please consider taking a leap into this community to help yourself and others grow stronger. Community support is so vital to living a resilient life. You can find more on their website at 


Attending a new event for the first time can bring up a lot of emotions and if you’re prone to anxiety, you may be fearful of not knowing anyone, not knowing what to do or what to expect. Below this week’s events I ask a question in our 
Virtual Events community about what feelings come up in you. 👇
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📌Answer this prompt in the Virtual Events community about how you feel about attending new events.

As we expand events we want to make sure you feel safe and know what to expect and what (if anything) is expected of you, have events that are relevant to you, attend events based on when you actually have time to and are getting the best experience possible.

 1. For National Autism Acceptance Month, explore a topic related to autism you wish more people were talking about. As autism acceptance gets more attention (which is great!) what are some conversations you still don’t see happening? Use your story to shine light on this topic.

2. For National Minority Health Month, share an anecdote that illustrates how being part of a marginalized group affects your healthcare. From doctors making racist comments, to specific stigmas in your community that make it hard to get help, tell us a story that illustrates how being part of a marginalized group impacts the quality of care you receive.

3. What’s something related to your health condition you had to learn the “hard way”? When you start experiencing a health challenge, or as you navigate life with a disability, there’s no manual to make sure you’re on the right track. Share something you learned the “hard way,” and use your story to help others on a similar path.

4. What are some fears you have as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted? While vaccine distribution and lifted COVID-19 restrictions seem like great news, are there any fears you still have as someone with a mental illness, chronic illness or disability? Write a piece exploring them, and offer some advice for people who can relate.

5. Write a response to something timely. A new song. An interview with a celebrity. A comment from a politician. If something in the news cycle strikes a nerve or leaves you inspired, let us know why. Make sure to mark your piece as timely when you submit!

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