Friday, August 6, 2021

3 Dental Apps To Keep You Brushing and Calm Your Dental Fears

Are you having trouble remembering to brush your teeth? Are you or your child worried about what to expect at their next dentist appointment?

We have got you covered! There are a host of apps out there to help you with both your dental hygiene, and what to expect at the dentist. Our phones are always with us, and many of us are using them to remind us about little things throughout our days, from calendar notifications to when we take medication. They help us stay accountable. Why not include dental hygiene in the mix to stay on top of our oral health, too.  

Brush DJ 

The Brush DJ app syncs with your library of favorite tunes to keep you brushing for the recommended 2 minutes. The app developed by the British dental association is free, and links to Spotify, music on your device, Apple music, Deezer, or play a free track made available on the app. You can change the look and feel of the background too. Pick your favorite color. Start by flossing. The line of text suggests this before you press the start button on the app. The music will play for 2 minutes, and then stop for you to advance to the next quadrant of your mouth. Helpful reminders about where and how to brush run across the top of the screen. If you love music, this app is a great, free way to help you with your twice daily dental routine. You can find it in the Apple app store, or via Google Play.

Disney Magic Timer

Brush with Mickey, Minnie and your favorite Marvel super heroes on the Disney Magic Timer app. This app also has a two minute timer. As you brush you and your children will watch as a toothbrush slowly brushes away to reveal an image of all our favorite Disney friends. Once complete enjoy the fireworks and pop the sticker in your virtual sticker book to track your daily progress. There is also an AR feature which will allow users to take photos of the world around them with animated images. The app allows you to scan pediatric Oral B products featuring Disney characters and  Marvel action heroes on them for even more photo and video clip surprises. This app is free, available in the Apple App Store, and on Google Play, and helps track daily care for one or more family members. Get brushin’!

Crazy Shark Dentist 

Crazy Shark Dentist is perfect for the baby shark in your life that is worried about their next dental visit. The app simulates a visit to the dentist for a checkup, a filling, and simulated x-rays. It is a cool way to demonstrate to a child or person that might be anxious about the dentist how it will go. The equipment can be a bit difficult to decipher, but once you put the implements over the shark patient’s mouth it becomes clear. The dentist even checks your vital signs like heart beat and temperature. Audio and phone vibrations enhance the dentist visit experience as simulated on this app. Crazy Shark Dentist is available in Apple Apps. Another alternative available through Microsoft is Crazy Dentist Clinic.  Learn more and watch what the app does here on Youtube.

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