Sunday, December 5, 2021

Words Matter: Affirmations Build Resiliency, and Improve Mental Health

Everyone knows we love apps! Here are a few that will help with positive words of encouragement, kindness, and motivation. Our thoughts feed our feelings, and both inform our behavior. Let's hope these free apps can help you improve your personal outlook. 

I AM App

We discovered "I Am" and it has changed everything for us. 

Here's how it works! Periodically throughout the day it throws out notifications with inspirational and motivational words for you to ponder. With "I Am," glancing down at your phone is now a part of your self-care routine.  Great sentences and phrases of encouragement abound, like "I am grateful for my best friend," or "my heart will heal." The app allows you to save our favorites. create your own, and browse by categories that align with your goals. It really is a game changer!


Another great way to remind yourself to stay positive, or begin the hard work of healing, is with Pinterest. Create a pin board to return to during times of reflection or during times of upset. We love the recipes and fashionable hair ideas, but the boards of positivity may just change your outlook. Instagram can be useful, too, if you seek out handles with motivational messages and ways to grow your self-awareness. Whether you utilize Pinterest or Instagram, these helpful reminders of positivity are helpful when we may be feeling down. They may also increase inspiration when you lack motivation. 

Decorate Your Space with Handwritten Mantras

Not a computer or phone person? That is okay! Writing quotes or words of inspiration on sticky notes, notecards, or other pieces of paper, and placing them in your workspace or on the bathroom mirror may help, too. Reading these repeatedly will slowly improve your thought patterns and emotional wellbeing. Writing them down helps your brain and body process them, ingraining them in your consciousness in a more profound way. Writing something down by hand is more likely to be remembered 24-hours to multiple days later. (

These handwritten messages, app notifications, and pin boards filled with inspiration will be something you encounter daily while brushing your teeth or checking your email. Over time these statements will become beliefs, leading to a new way of life.  Mantras, another word for some of these inspiration a are huge part of transcendental meditation practice, a proven meditation practice popular among many celebrities and other successful people "technique involves the use of a silently-used sound called a mantra, and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day." (Wikipedia) Your mantra is a statement that will bring you "a state of relaxed awarenessstress relief, and access to higher states of consciousness." (Wikipedia)  

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