Saturday, April 2, 2022

Retreat 2022: Getting Around In Downtown Dallas

By Kara Jackman
After flying in and grabbing your bags, your next question will be "how does one get around Dallas, Texas?" Or maybe you may muse, "How do we get to the hotel?" Answers to these questions appear in this blog post ahead of our upcoming Annual Family Retreat and Educational Symposium in Dallas, Texas.You will be here, there, and everywhere before you know it...and for very little money. 

Lyft and Uber

Let's kick it off with taxis and rideshares. From the airport to Olive street, there are many ways to motor to our retreat destination, the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown. The average taxi ride to the hotel costs about $43. A ride from Lyft or Uber will run around the same price point plus, some additional fees, putting the total cost at approximately $45-$55. For something a bit more reasonable, keep reading to learn more about what the city has for public transportation.

DART Away To Fun

Retreat revelers can hop on in another sector of the transit system at the airport. You can take one of the DART buses at the airport to find your way to the hotel or to get around the city. Near the hotel, the D-Link buses are free and available in downtown Dallas.The maps and information on the DART website are extremely helpful. There are many accessibility options, too. Plan your travel with DART ahead of time. Download their app to your device, give them a buzz about your accessibility needs, and read up before you are wheels down in Dallas.

Trolley McKinney Street M-Line 

Photo Credit: Elliot Munoz

The good news is that once you arrive at the hotel, there is a way to get around in style and, perhaps more importantly, for free. This part of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit takes you up, down, and around McKinney Street in Dallas’ downtown. The M-Line trolley may be the only transportation you will need while at the retreat. Ride in style on this cool, vintage trolley that travels further and wider than this writer ever expected. You can choose to go to one of the many local museums from the aquarium to the sculpture garden, or check out the other hotels in the neighborhood. (Spoiler Alert: Our Sheraton was recently renovated, making it one of the newer properties in the area.) Finally, you can also explore trails for hiking, parks for frolicking, and other nearby open spaces to spend free time with your CCA friends. The trolley can be tracked online, and did I’s free. Donations are welcome. Learn more about this transit service at this website.

Try an E-Frog!

A what? Yes, I said E-Frog. E-Frog is an electric golf cart shuttle service that travels around various Dallas neighborhoods. All you need to do to make use of the service is text your departure and arrival locations and they will pick you up! Tips are encouraged for this free service. Get the phone number and check out the team behind this cool company here.



Walking is the best way to get to know the city. It’s one of my favorite ways to get a sense of place when I am traveling. I encourage you to walk around the area and explore while on the way to dinner or out to grab snacks and supplies. Please make sure to stay aware of your surroundings, and always walk with friends or family. Never walk alone, and stay around populated areas. 

Whether you may be walking to grab a bite or stepping out for some adventure, I hope to share with you some fun, local dining options, and attractions, all within walking distance in my next blog in this Dallas Retreat 2022 series.

Ta-ta for now. Next week, we will take a look at our downtown Dallas dining options. Say that 5 times fast as your retreat-themed speech pathology exercise! :-)

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