Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year: What are your Affirmations for 2023?

By Kara Jackman 

I was on the phone with my mom and dad yesterday ahead of New Year's eve. They were eating dinner. The phone, I can only imagine, propped up at my spot at the family dinner table. My mom says, "Ahhh we are going to have to write our new year's resolutions tonight." I responded, "I prefer the term affirmations." My father chimes in, "that sounds religious." 

It isn't, far from it. Let me explain. 

I hate New Year's resolutions. I instead wish to affirm at the beginning of every new year. Affirmations are more in line with my belief systems and well they just work better with my commitment phobia.  Let's look at some definitions to better understand what I mean. An affirmation is defined as "emotional support or encouragement," while resolution is "a firm decision to do or not do something." Affirming allows me to be kinder to myself. The idea of encouragement and emotional support seems softer, more hopeful, as we stumble forward into the unknown. Firm decisions are not, as you find yourself in a horrid binary. Great for math, but not for building a life worth living.  

Here is my list of affirmations for 2023...

  • Take up more space! (more readily tell myself and others what I want and need) 
  • Use more product! (go ahead and use more conditioner on my hair, cream on my face, and suds in the shower! Let's be extra!)
  • Write the book (stop talking about it and write some every day)
  • Increase meditative practices 
  • Travel (destinations are top secret at this time) 
  • Spend even more time with family 
  • Eat clean for my immune system, clarity of mind, and gut health (not for weight loss or gain)
Some of these things I already do, which in the world of New Year's affirmations is welcome. Some practices are worth reminding and patting ourselves on the back for doing. Remember the bit about encouragement and emotional support, here it is taking shape in the list above! We must do be kind to ourselves if we hope to share kindness with the world. Other affirmations, I want to take on more fully and consistently like meditative practices and writing. Some are just for fun and a self-esteem boost. Sometimes giving ourselves permission to enjoy the moment more fully by taking up more space or using more product are fun ways to affirm our place here on Earth. 

So what do you want to affirm this year, maybe you are already doing an activity or practice and want to lean into it more. Or maybe you are seeking new ways to create opportunities to honor growth and change in a manner that reflects your humanity. Share with me what you want to affirm in 2023. 

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