Sunday, March 19, 2023

Firebuds Episode Features Animated Kid Car with Cleft


Families and friends, grab your remotes and start your engines, the much awaited episode of Disney Channel's "Firebuds"is now available via on-demand. It the last episode of the season, and can be found included on the Disney Channel's on-demand archive or via the Disney Plus app. 

**Stop reading now, if you do not want to see any spoilers.**

The 15-minute segment of the two episode show featured Castor, a purple sedan, and his ambulance friend searching for him at the carnival before a surgery to repair his cleft hood. She tracks him down and gets him to the aptly named Dr. Porsche on time for the surgery. She convinces him that he will never miss another carnival after this one and he will be done with surgeries after this is complete. (If only that were true for all of us with craniofacial conditions.) The episode is filled with colorful characters, all of which are cars or other vehicles. The jaunty song wheels on the ground reminds us to stay calm and balanced during life's tough moments like facing surgery or the "dreaded fear of missing out." If we just do the hard things, we can have more of the great things like cotton candy and endless rides and games. 

Fun facts about the writer of the episode, Jeremy Shipp, include that his son was born with a cleft lip and inspired this "Firebuds" episode titled, "Cleft Hood." Shipp's son did the voice of the character with the cleft hood. The internet and social media has been abuzz about the episode. It is a great way to raise awareness among young children about facial differences. The episode demonstrates that we are just like all other kids, looking for a fun time at the carnival, and are bummed out by doctors and hospitals. 

Watch today and tell us your thoughts about the episode in the comments. 


  1. Hi! I loved this episode! I endured multiple eye surgeries as a child and felt misunderstood by adults. They didn't come along side me and try to put themselves in my shoes as the actual song from this episode states to do even though they say wheels. I love Put Yourself in His Wheels! It made me cry bc that's all I wanted my parents and the doctors to do for me, but it never happened. I love Caster and Axel! I love how Axel talked to Anya and wasn't too cool to do so. I've watched the episode 21 times and I'm not tired of it.

  2. I love these Disney episodes. Its a must watch.


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