Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Retreat 2024: Getting Around Baltimore


We are less than two months from the 2024 Annual Family Retreat and Educational Symposium weekend. The most important thing when in a new city is transportation, or finding ways to get around. In a future blog post, I will cover attractions and eateries. I'm excited to explore this historic city that seemingly loves history, open ocean, baseball, and a something a little spooky - the Poe Museum. 

Editor's Note: Please talk to hotel staff, concierge, or local retreat attendees to make sure your chosen mode of transportation is the safest choice for where you are headed. At night be sure to buddy up with one or more people before you go galavanting into the night. 

Maryland MTA - Public Transit

Public Transit runs from the train station and the local airports. Maryland MTA has a variety of public transportation options from buses, trains, to water taxi. I love that the website has a trip planner option because I like to just cut to the chase and put in my point a and point b, then go. There are also route maps, and so much more. Please also make use of Google maps on your phone to help build your trips from airport to hotel, or hotel to local attraction. Download the CharmPass App on your phone before you get moving. 

Charm City Circulator

Everyone knows how much I love free, but you know what I love even more: alliteration. At your service is the Charm City Circulator which runs during the day for free all across town. On the Circulator's website, you can learn how far this free ride will take you, and back, of course. Easily track the wearabouts of the next bus to pull up on the website. 

Harbor Connector

Since we are conveniently located in the Baltimore's Inner Harbor, the Harbor Connector (also free, just with less alliteration), seems like a scenic way to get where you are going.  Ahoy, maties, the Harbor Connecter runs from 6AM - 8PM, but may stop service due to inclement weather. Go to the website to learn more and sign up for alerts. 

Rideshare and Taxis

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are also great alternatives to the low-cost and free options outlined above. I love a Lyft! 

Pedestrians Unite!

Within walking distance, you can visit the Science Center, Aquarium, and Federal Hill Park. Camden Yards is just shy of a half mile away. The area appears to be teeming with culture and fun things to do. Hopefully you will find some fun on foot. Please do set out on foot with friends. 

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