Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Craniofacial Acceptance Month picnic was a success!

I recently held my first Craniofacial Acceptance Month Picnic in my hometown of Round Rock, TX, just north of Austin. Although we didn't meet any more craniofacial families, we did have a pretty good turn out. There were a few families from the boys' school, as well as some neighbors and friends. And while I was so appreciative that they came out to support, I was the most excited about the complete strangers that stumbled upon our event and stopped to find out more about our efforts. 

My mom was kind enough to donate money to rent a bouncy house, which made it just about impossible to miss our group at the park. It drew a lot of people over to see what was going on - most thought it was a private birthday party and shied away, but I encouraged them to go right ahead and play as I chatted with their parents about why we were there.

I was a little nervous that nobody was going to show up at all as it was kind of a slow start, but my husband reminded me that even if we were able to talk to just one or two families in the community to spread awareness of CCA and craniofacial differences, it was going to be worth it. So when all was said and done and around 30 people had come and gone I was really pleased.

The school that the boys attend donated bubbles for the kids and collected chips from the kids families for the picnic. Our local grocery store, HEB, gave me $50 in gift cards to purchase all the drinks.
Everyone had a great time - our friends, who already know Aiden's story, were still able to learn a little about what CCA does - and the others, who we've never met before or only just briefly, learned a lot about Aiden, what he's been through, who CCA is and how they help families like ours.

All in all, the picnic was very well received and I look forward to hosting one again next year. Hopefully I will be able to attract more craniofacial families and others from the community to come out and enjoy themselves.

* If you hosted or attended a picnic in your area, we'd love to feature you here on the blog! Email your pictures and a short write-up about the event to [email protected]

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