Friday, September 16, 2011

The Things Kids Say...

I always look forward to some interesting stories on our drive home after school. Jacob, my 1st grader, came out of school one day this week and reported that he was moved from “green” to “yellow” for his behavior that day. He said he got in trouble for talking in line while the class was in the hallway. Peter, in his typical big brother way, says to Jacob, “Well, I’m not surprised. I knew it was only a matter of time before you got in trouble for talking. I mean… not to be mean or anything, but you do talk a lot.” I started laughing so hard I almost had to pull the car over!

Now that school is in full swing, the homework load is picking up. Peter, now in 5th grade, is definitely seeing an increase in his workload. Like many ten-year old boys, he would like nothing more than to come home and play video games all night. After telling Peter 3-4 times to turn off the game and finish his homework, I took action and told him that he had lost his video game privileges for the next day. That got a reaction! He defiantly looked up at me and said that he didn’t think I was talking to him. I said, “Who else is playing a video game?” Well, he says, “I only have one ear and it doesn’t work that great sometimes!” Don’t even try that excuse in this house I said (trying not to laugh) because it will get you nowhere. I have to give him credit for being creative though!

My fight to regain an FM system for Peter at school continued this week. I wrote a letter stating my concerns and requests, and I was able to schedule a meeting with the district's Director of Special Services. I am thrilled that the principal of Peter’s school will be attending the meeting with me. I also want Peter to participate, even if only in a very limited way. I feel very strongly that he should be a part of this process. Our kids have to learn how to advocate for themselves as they transition into adulthood. In preparation for the meeting, I am reading up on anything I can find about Michigan special education law and private schools. Stay tuned for updates via the blog.

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