Monday, May 21, 2012

Winner of the Creepy Comeback Contest!

Peter read through everyone’s submissions and selected his winner.  Congratulations to Kristin Shaw who won the $25 Amazon gift card!  Her response to “You look creepy” was…

“I look creepy?  Huh.
What I know is that I have a good heart, and I
wouldn’t dream of saying something so ugly to another person.”

Peter liked the part about having a good heart, which makes sense because he has the biggest and most compassionate heart I’ve ever known.  He said the second part of her response, however, made him feel uncomfortable.  “Why?”  I asked.  “Because,” he said, “I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”  WHAT?!

So a kid rudely remarks, "you look creepy," and you are worried about hurting HIS feelings?  “Well, yeah,” said Peter.  WOW!!!  My tender hearted son is most definitely a much better person than me!  Although admirable, my fear is that Peter’s thoughtfulness is also something of a detriment when dealing with these types of situations.  Here is my response to his concern…

“Sadly, some people have to be told that their behavior is rude.  Otherwise they may never know that what they said was hurtful.  These people continue behaving badly until a ‘difference maker’ like you comes along to set them straight.  While you must be assertive with your reply, you can also be polite when letting someone know that their behavior was rude.  In doing so, you will leave a positive and lasting impression.  And, maybe, just maybe, that person won’t say something so rude the next time they see someone who looks different.”

I want to thank everyone who submitted their “Creepy Comebacks”.  You can read the other submissions under the comments section of last week’s blog entitled “Spreading Acceptance.”  Thanks Kristin for your winning contribution!  We will contact you privately to make arrangements for the gift card.

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