Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm grateful for...being wrong

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When Aiden came into our lives we loved him - no doubt - but we worried.

Our role as a mother and a father changed dramatically. It became a little less carefree and a little more complicated. The road appeared long and narrow and we had no idea where it would lead us. Inevitably, we feared the worst...only to be proven wrong.

With Mother's Day just behind us and Father's Day around the corner, I am proud to celebrate the many ways that Aiden has changed our perspective as parents.

I am grateful that our road, while bumpy, is not a scary path into the unknown but rather an amazing ride filled with accomplishments and proud moments that I would not have experienced if it weren't for the life we were blessed with.

Let me explain...

When Aiden was born,
we worried A LOT.

We worried that he would never learn
to sit, stand or walk...
...We were wrong.

We worried that he wouldn't be able to use
his tightly fisted little hands...
...We were wrong.

We worried that we wouldn't find the best team
of doctors to give him 10 fingers and 10 toes...
...We were wrong.

We worried that the many surgeries
would break his spirit...
...We were wrong.

We worried that the relationship with his brother
would suffer because of his differences...
...We were wrong.

We worried that Aiden would have a hard time
in school or that he wouldn't make friends easily...
...We were wrong.

We worried he wouldn't be able to perform
simple tasks like cut with scissors or use a fork...
...We were wrong.

We worried he wouldn't be
able to play sports...
...We were wrong.

We worried he wouldn't be happy...
...We were wrong.

We worried WE wouldn't be happy.

Thank you Aiden...
for proving us wrong
time and time again!


  1. Beautiful sentiment. Beautiful family!

  2. Taryn,
    Your posts always bring me to tears.......happy ones!

  3. Oh my gosh. This made me cry. Thanks so much for putting life and all our needless worries into perspective!

  4. Beautiful! What a lovely family you have!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. Wonderful post! The pictures speak a thousand words!!!


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