Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Guide for Kids, Tweens & Teens

So, if you’re reading this and still wondering what to get the kid, tween or teen in your life, we’re clearly in the procrastination boat together. This blog may help you find just the right present and the best part about this gift guide is that all items (except those from CCA) can be purchased on Amazon, which offers super speedy shipping! For all CCA items, please order by December 18 for holiday delivery! Now, on Dasher and Dancer...
Gift Idea #1: Out of this World
This gift set was what I chose for my nephew, who has a budding interest in all things science. This year, since I’m from the “Rocket City” of Huntsville, Alabama and he’s in Texas, I thought it might be fun to go with a space theme. I snagged a NASA sticker which served as my inspiration and built my gifts from there. The Hubble photo book is truly a sight to see and a gift for the whole family. My nephew will hopefully enjoy the photos now and as he gets older, he will be able to read and understand the content of the book. The other items are just the right mix of silly fun and educational exploration. 

Gift Idea #2: The Adventurous Explorer 
This gift set was selected for my teenage niece. She is quite the well-traveled young woman and has a sense of adventure that inspires me. From acting camp in California to diplomacy studies in DC, she is going places in life. I hope the stunning images in the photo book will nurture her curiosity and incite her eagerness to explore cultures, cities, and ideas. The “Portable Life Museum” journal provides prompts for making your everyday life an adventure. Suggestions in the journal include sitting quietly in busy place for an hour and recording all the sounds you hear and starting a collection of found objects gathered on your daily walk to school. Finally, the map poster is great fun for keeping a record of her travels ... and will undoubtedly serve as a cool conversation starter in her dorm when she heads to college in a few years. 

Gift Idea #3: The Creative Crafter
I have another sweet niece who is so much like me when I was young. She can sit for hours creating her own fashion magazine, complete with editorial content, hand-drawn illustrations and a slick cover and binding! She loves to draw, paint, craft, and create. Her gift was a little more “handmade,” of course, but the basics can still be purchased online. The books are filled with fun and simple craft how-to’s and the stickers sneak in some art history. For the budding artist in your life, I highly recommend these items from Amazon with the addition of a personally curated Craft Tote: Just fill a plastic bin to the brim with felt, construction paper, markers, gems, feathers and stickers, Aileen’s Tacky Glue and a good pair of scissors. 

Gift Idea #4: For Every Kid on Your List
My favorite gifts to give are gifts that give back. This year, every kid on your list can get a CCA Kids T-shirt and a copy of Wonder. The message of Wonder is something CCA wholeheartedly supports and we’re proud to sell copies from the home office for $12. Don’t forget to order by December 18 at 5pm CST to ensure holiday delivery. Support CCA and bring a smile to your special kid’s face this holiday! 

After you’ve ordered all your gifts, sit back by the fire and celebrate with some egg nog! Happy Holidays!


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