Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do You Look Through Windows or Focus on Mirrors?

One of my favorite analogies from Viktor Frankl is that of comparing a healthy eye to a healthy soul. He says that a healthy eye never sees itself. Likewise a healthy soul never sees itself either. The goal would be to look out into the world and see the world’s beauty (instead of ones own problems which would be likened to a cataract on an eye). Imagine a healthy soul focusing out into the world enjoying life.  Keeping the "eye" healthy would include offering forgiveness towards others and oneself.  And just like glasses need continual cleaning, so too with the soul to keep the "lens" clear and transparent.

This applies to the challenge of craniofacial issues. Even though the body may present itself as a challenge, a healthy soul can still enjoy life by focusing on the outside world instead of focusing on the limitations of the physical body.

Another example I like is that instead of looking into a mirror, try to look through life's windows. In the mirror you see yourself; through the window you see the outside world and other people.


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