Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grateful Sunday

For today's blog, I would like to recommend a book which I believe is very inspiring for anyone living with a craniofacial condition.  It is the autobiography of Helen Keller called The Story of My LifeAlthough Helen's issues were extreme, I found many of the behavior issues she overcame and the attitudes she changed to be very relevant to growing up with craniofacial conditions. Boundaries between parents and child were a big part of her being able to become independent through the help of her teacher Anne Sullivan.  I also watched the movie the Miracle Worker a few weeks ago and found it to be very inspiring and I highly recommend it.   

-- Stephen

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  1. Wow, Stephen. I agree. I recently saw a local production of "The Miracle Worker" at Helen's childhood home. Being from AL, I know all about Helen, but I was reminded during this play that both Anne and Helen lived "outside" the realm of "normal," and while they faced many, many struggles, they were also afforded the opportunity to make a life of their own, somewhat outside of traditional gender roles. Both of their abilities to turn tragedy into strength is an encouragement to anyone today. Sadly, so many people think Helen's story ended at Ivy Green, but she worked fearlessly and tirelessly as an activist during adulthood. Just like CCA Kids - the story doesn't end when you grow up! :)


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