Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Remix: Stop the Mommy Wars!

When I came across this blog post and photo series from Connecticut Working Moms, I was impressed. I love its simplicity, yet this truth could revolutionize motherhood in America: stop the judging and comparison and instead, love more and choose kind. Every mom is fighting an uphill battle to raise healthy, confident kids and juggle the endless tasks labor of love that is raising little humans. Instead of pitting choice against choice and mom against mom, these moms are showing that you can make different decisions yet still support one another. Their tagline says it all: "Support. Strength. Sisterhood."

I've included some of the photos from the series below, but check out the entire set at CTWorkingMoms.

How awesome do you feel now? And there's more! Check out the CTWorkingMoms Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood.



  1. I LOVE that! We are all different. As long as we are doing our best to raise kind, happy kids, we are all doing it right!!!


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